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The Aura at Panache Technohub

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The Aura at Panache Technohub

It is such a privilege for any aspiring professional to have a fruitful career with a reputed firm like Panache Technohub limited which is made up of young, energetic, resourceful, and innovative staff. Panache is a place that has set a benchmark in the field of technology and where the learning curve is not steep and hard work is appreciated. There has been a tremendous growth over the past few years since panache was established, moreover, the pioneer standards set by the company and ethical practices within the office environment leave the employees in no doubt that the company shall not only develop their skills but also encourage them to step up to grow professionally and personally. Hundreds of visionary companies rely on us to provide the business-critical services they need to connect their employees, share knowledge, be more productive and power their growth. 

In panache we offer a fun supportive culture where employees bring out the best in each other since there is freedom to work in an autonomous way, accompanied by a relaxed and friendly leadership style. When you join Panache, you join a team with a thirst for innovation and hunger for the fun that comes from turning an industry on its head. Panache is ranked top 20 of similar sized companies due to our ability to retain quality employees. The financial reward is proportional to individual’s input therefore maintaining a fair salary compensation to all the employees.  

Companies today know that keeping their workforce happy means providing more than just a fair salary. Perks and benefits continue to be important aspects of an employee’s satisfaction at a workplace. Panache provides medical cover to its employees at a reasonable shared rate for the new staff and fully paid healthcare for the senior staff. There are also other perks like discounted gym memberships, fully paid annual parking fees, paid vacations, monthly employee recognition awards, flexi hours and sabbatical leave among others. Panache strives to be valuable to their employees in aspects that help other parts of their lives besides work. We highly value our employees and ensure that the working conditions are favorable to every one’s stay.  

There is so much more that comes with being an employee at Panache besides the mentioned perks and benefits. On a monthly basis, we hold staff meetings where we get to evaluate individual and departmental progress after which we harness the gaps for better performance and productivity in the long-haul. Every voice is heard, and subsequent transposition takes place for growth and dynamism.  

Panache also ensures that it  improves inter-personal relationship between it’s employees by creating a team that is cohesively working together towards a common goal through team building. In every quarter, the employees of Panache go for a one-day team building outside the town organized by the company. The main purpose of team building is to create a strong team through forming bonds and connections because when people work together, they share experiences and both failures as well as victories. It brings them closer and makes them trust each other. Employees team up together to face adversaries and share the spotlight. We have benefited profoundly from the team building especially on communication, planning skills, employee motivation, and employee collaboration. 

At Panache we are not just a brick-and-mortar company, we are the relationships we build with our ever-growing client list, we are your friendly support system to your business ecosystem, we are your honest advisor when making business critical decisions and most of all we are your go to partner to empower your digital transformation. This people centric approach to business is what sets us apart from the pack. 

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